Top 10 Hollywood Lawsuits of 2010

Canadian entertainment lawyers are forced to live with the latent suspicion that our US-based peers are just having more fun at work – as evidence, we present THR, Esq.’s Top 10 Hollywood Lawsuits of 2010, which includes Axl Rose suing Activision, US$319 million verdicts related to Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, and Don Johnson (yes, Crockett) winning more than US$23 million for unpaid profits on a show I would have sworn few people actually watched.  By comparison, our own list of the year’s Top Ten Canadian Entertainment and Media Law Stories was distressingly technocratic.

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Bob Tarantino

About Bob Tarantino

Bob Tarantino is Counsel at Dentons Canada LLP and focuses his practice on the interface between the entertainment industries and intellectual property law, with an emphasis on film and television production, financing, licensing, distribution, and IP acquisition and protection. His clients range from artists and independent producers to Canadian distributors and foreign studios and financiers at every stage of the creative process, from development to delivery and exploitation.

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