The wonderful world of apps

Recent article on-line which likens the burgeoning popularity of iPhone applications to a gold rush for game developers in Montreal.   Its clearly the case that Montreal’s initiatives to encourage the growth of its video game industry have paid off.  Whether you are talking about the local outposts of publishers such as Ubisoft, Eidos, WB Interactive and Electronic Arts or the growth of numerous home grown operations, the industry is vibrant.

The city of Toronto – and the Province of Ontario- has also seen the genius of Montreal’s plan and have convinced France’s Ubisoft to set up in Toronto.  There are also numerous companies in Toronto which specialize in the development of apps and other mobile software – as highlighted in this Toronto Life article.  Let’s hope we here in Toronto can take a page from the home of Les Habitants.

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Ken Dhaliwal

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Ken Dhaliwal is a Partner in Dentons’ Toronto office; he joined the firm in 2014 from another Canadian law firm and has been practicing entertainment law for over 20 years. Ken focuses on the areas of media, entertainment and intellectual property law. Ken’s national and international film, television and on-line clients are involved in a wide range of activities from financing to production and distribution. Ken acts for independent producers, Canadian and foreign broadcasters, major Hollywood studios, online providers, television and film distributors, banks, private equity as well as creators and artists.

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