SOPA and PIPA: Commentary Round-Up (1.25.12)

If you favorite website went black last week during the “Dark Wednesday” protests against the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation and you don’t know what the big deal was (much less what SOPA and PIPA stand for), below are a collection of articles that will catch you up.


  • A very good nice overview of recent events and some history of the legislations by Larry Downes writing in Forbes.
  • Steve Forbes writing in Forbes on why this legislation is, in his view, bad for business.
  • Bill McGeveran writing in The Guardian on why the proposed legislation has only been temporarily delayed and suggestions to make it better.
  • Michael Geist writing on the Huffington Post on the potential implications of SOPA and PIPA for Canadians.
  • An interesting piece by Kim Masters in the Hollywood Reporter recounting some of the history of the legislation and the relationship between the MPAA, some of Hollywood’s leaders and this legislation.
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