Secrets of Reality TV Participant Contracts

How much would it cost a reality show participant who revealed a secret storyline twist before the episode was broadcast?  If the show in question is Survivor, the tattle-taler (tattle-teller?) could be looking at lawsuit from the producers for $5 million.

Eriq Gardner at THR, Esq. points out some of the highlights in his report on the matter: ‘Survivor’ Contestants Owe $5 Million If They Spill Secrets.  The website reality blurred has uploaded a copy of the Survivor participant agreement (it was first uploaded back in May, then taken down due to a copyright infringement claim, but is currently back online), and offers a detailed look at its provisions, including releases for infliction of severe mental stress and the granting of an option to enter into a talent agreement following the show (which makes perfect sense: if the network is going expend capital in turning someone into a "star", they’re going to want to realize on that investment). 

While Survivor is a celebrated legend in the world of reality TV, readers may also be interested in the participant agreement from the 2007 series Kid Nation – a sort of ersatz Lord of the Flies.

Finally, Rachel Wilkes at Law Law Land provides some details about The Reality of Court-Themed "Reality" Shows:

To participate in the show, the parties must sign an agreement to dismiss their court claims and submit the case to binding arbitration. …  in The People’s Court the show pays any judgment, and pays both parties a nominal amount for their time regardless of the outcome.

So, not only is The People’s Court not really a court, the parties aren’t even obligated to pay the awards?  Colour me disillusioned…

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