In My Other Life, I’m a Superhero – Lawyers in Comic Books

One of the more charming aspects of practicing entertainment law is that the entertainment bar generally tends not to take itself too seriously.  In that vein, I offer William A. Hilyerd’s “Hi Superman, I’m a Lawyer: A Guide to Attorneys (and Other Legal Professionals) Portrayed in American Comic Books” 15 Widener Law Review 159 (2009).  An exhaustively researched (300 footnotes(!)) and entertaining read, Hilyerd’s article provides not just an nice overview of comic book history, but an intriguing analysis of how the portrayal of lawyers in comic books has changed over time. (hat tip: University of Alberta Faculty of Law Faculty Blog)

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Bob Tarantino

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Bob Tarantino is Counsel at Dentons Canada LLP and focuses his practice on the interface between the entertainment industries and intellectual property law, with an emphasis on film and television production, financing, licensing, distribution, and IP acquisition and protection. His clients range from artists and independent producers to Canadian distributors and foreign studios and financiers at every stage of the creative process, from development to delivery and exploitation.

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