Crookes v Newton – More Follow-up Commentary

Since October’s Supreme Court of Canada decision in Crookes v. Newton 2011 SCC 47 (for previous Signal discussion on the topic, see here) there has been an outpouring of news stories and commentary, and I thought it useful to highlight the following items:

  • Paul Schabas and Jon Goheen offer a detailed consideration of the case (Supreme Court of Canada Protects Hyperlinkers), concluding: “the decision should deter many potential libel actions against bloggers and Internet forum operators in Canada, who can now rest assured that they will not be responsible for links to defamatory material unless they repeat the defamation or author new defamation”
  • Tamir Israel offers even more detailed thoughts on the Crookes decision and the issue of intermediary liability (for such matters as copyright infringement): Crookes v Newton – Speculations on Intermediary Liability (also worth reading is the discussion in the comments to the post)
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