Canadian Conference of the Arts Call for Speakers

The Canadian Conference of the Arts has issued a request for proposals for its Emerging Thinkers Speed Speaker Series, to take place at the CCA’s National Policy Conference scheduled for November 1-3, 2010 in Ottawa.  The Conference seeks to “investigate the shape of the evolving global economy and the roles played by Canadian artists within this innovative ecology”.

The request for proposals states:

We are looking for exciting, innovative, and creative presentations by 5-10 presenters under the age of 35. These emerging leaders will use visual presentations and vigorous public speaking to portray their vision for the artist within the creative economy. The Emerging Thinkers Speed Speakers will have 5 minutes to present 20 slides which will auto-advance.

Possible topics include:

‐ New business models for artistic practice
‐ Cultural policy: enabling artists to thrive in a creative economy?
‐ Digital media and their creators
‐ Users and creators: who is the artist?
‐ Promoting your art in a globalized market
‐ Emerging arts leaders and new professional paths
‐ What’s in a name? Content creator, artist, creator
‐ Fair dealing and fair compensation

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Bob Tarantino

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Bob Tarantino is Counsel at Dentons Canada LLP and focuses his practice on the interface between the entertainment industries and intellectual property law, with an emphasis on film and television production, financing, licensing, distribution, and IP acquisition and protection. His clients range from artists and independent producers to Canadian distributors and foreign studios and financiers at every stage of the creative process, from development to delivery and exploitation.

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