A Festivus Legal Miracle

We at the Signal have previously discussed the availability of protection for fictional beer brands created for a television series – and now for some news about protecting yourself by making reference to a fake holiday popularized by a television series.  Really, there’s very little we can add to this story:

Festivus for the rest of us, O.C. Jail style

Festivus may only come around only come around once a year – more often if you watch "Seinfeld" reruns – but longtime county inmate Malcolm Alarmo King was able to celebrate it three times a day while locked up at the Theo Lacy jail in Orange.

The menu selection at Theo Lacy apparently didn’t please King, 38, when he was booked into the jail on drug charges in April.

King’s quest for a healthier eating option while behind bars ended with … a Superior Court judge recognizing the holiday – which lodged its place in pop culture on an episode of "Seinfeld" – as a legitimate religion.

Details, such as they, on Festivus can be found in this Wikipedia entry.

Best part of the story: when first questioned about his religious beliefs, the inmate answered "Healthism".  While the court was evidently not willing to countenance anything quite that ludicrous, his second response of "Festivus" was enough to entitle to a court order of "three non-salami meals a day".

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