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Ken Dhaliwal: The Zenith (Award) of His Career

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October 2, 2014 marked an important day in the history of the Dentons Canada LLP entertainment law practice group: David Steinberg wore a suit and tie for the entire day, and he was not scheduled to attend either a funeral or bar mitzvah.

Later that day, we were thrilled to attend the Lexpert Zenith Awards ceremony, at which, among other luminaries, our own Ken Dhaliwal was feted for his achievements during the course of his entertainment law career.

The photo below, taken at the event, features all of the lawyers in the Toronto entertainment group, because none of us could bear to cede the spotlight to Ken for even a minute we wanted to show our support for our good friend and colleague. It was a complete coincidence that we are arranged, from left to right, in descending order of height.

Zenith Award

(L to R: Jim Russell, Bob Tarantino, Ken Dhaliwal, Jayme Alter, some random guy who stumbled into the photo David Steinberg)